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That we, the undersigned, call upon the Directors of HMRC to ensure that Work is allocated to the 18 staff in Wick currently facing the prospect of redundancy.

In March this year, HMRC announced their intention to close their Office in Government Buildings, Wick, in which twenty staff are currently productively employed.

Despite advances in technology meaning that most HMRC work can be undertaken anywhere in the UK, HMRC has notified eighteen of the twenty staff that they are surplus to requirements, and that their work can be done elsewhere more cost effectively than in the current premises.

Subsequently, innovative work between the local MP, John Thurso, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and others has secured the possibility of far cheaper office premises being made available, that would allow the HMRC presence to remain in Wick at far lower cost.

This petition is therefore now focused at the HMRC Directors who have within their power the ability to direct work to Wick, thus averting the threat of redundancy in a depressed rural community and ensuring that a workforce previously acknowledged by HMRC to be "excellent" and "of the highest calibre" is retained to the benefit of all.

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