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1 HamishDrummond Solidarity from Dundee
2 AllanTait If 20 Government jobs cannot be saved in an area facing 2,000 jobs going at Dounreay then what future is there for Caithness.
3 AnnMcLeod Supporting your cause, good luck!
4 IsobelGrewcock The Wick branch is an invaluable commodity in these times of financial hardship for so many. Please allow it to remain open.....we need this to continue. We're not just some remote place in "the back of beyond" , we deserve the right to such places !!
5 CarolePerry  
6 FionaBremner This move is absolutely crazy - why does all the work have to go to urban areas with staff having minimal experience, where staff in Wick appear to have a wealth of experience to offer the HMRC.
7 JuneOag  
8 AlanMcGee  
9 amandahutchison  
10 EPaterson The helpline is total rubbish, can't/won't don't know basic rules, however WICK were extremely knowledgable and helpful,keep this office OPEN
11 MaggieFernie If the work can be done anywhere in the country, it only seems like sense for the Revenue to use the highly qualified staff here and not waste many years of training and experience.
12 TonyWilliamson.  
13 JulieFraser The Far North of Scotland is already lacking in many services, to cut them further along with the loss of jobs will have a huge impact on the area. Retaining an office in Wick is a must
14 JulieWilson  
15 patg please keep these jobs in the Wick - the unemployment level is already extremely high - please please reconsider.
16 JohnLow  
17 PeterMcDonagh  
18 IanJohnson When new staff are being taken on in areas where the challenge to stay employed is much less, we should look very hard at taking jobs away from staff in areas like Wick.
19 JohnNiwa Don't close the Wick Tax Office - Valuable jobs will be lost in a very high unemployment area
20 KoreenMacDougall Wick HMRC staff are able to continute to work from the Wick office, they are capable, committed and are long serving in post.
21 MarjoryShane Please support keeping the HMRC Wick Office open
22 SteveFerrier In a department that has 35000 staff in the last 5 years but doesnt have enough staff to do the job they are supposed to do 18 staff in such a remote area surely must be worth 10 times their salary if not their weight in gold!
23 DavidRennie  
24 AlanSimpson Help support the people of Wick keep work in the area!
25 KerryFairless There is no reason for these people to be losing their jobs.
26 KerryFisher  
27 IanPope I support your campaign!
28 juliehall Do not allow this to happen!
29 SorayaPorter No excuse not to keep work in Wick!
30 pauldonlan save Wick
31 BryanDods Some common sense and decency would be nice. Come on HMRC!
32 MarelleCormack Keep work in Wick where the staff have years of experience behind them and are able to give the public a first class service.
33 BruceHoneyman  
34 HectorWesley  
35 CatrionaMacDonald  
36 AnnieWhite  
37 GordonMacLeod Decentralisation must be a cornerstone of any decision on how to manage resources.
38 AnnetteMason  
39 PaulChettle Perhaps Her Majesty might step in and do something useful on her birthday!
40 AlexWilosn  
41 RachaelPaton  
42 MarkChapman  
43 DonaldMcWilliam  
44 AnnMackay help us keep our counties economy going, let us support our families instead of living off benefits. let me pay for my daughters education instead of her being landed with huge student loans.
45 catherinemalcolm  
46 EilidhGunn  
47 ColinShearer  
48 NigelBayton  
49 LornaMerry  
50 AlistairRoss  
51 DouglasCowie  
52 DanHindle  
53 KirstyStrachan  
54 jaynepinder  
55 george newlands the 2ndor 3rd i Dont Work But I Like The Bru Coz Its Free
56 alanpaterson  
57 BillMcKinlay  
58 GeraldineSutherland  
59 GraemeSutherland  
60 ValerieWebster  
61 DrewSmith  
62 AnthonyOgden No if's. No but's. No public sector cuts *whistle*
63 IsabelDrummond-Murray  
64 JohnDavidson  
65 ab  
66 LouiseSinclair  
67 karenShane  
68 JulieMackinnon Another ridiculous decision taken without any real thought for those involved or the knock on effect it may cause.
69 MarieMirfield Redundancy makes no sense. People need work in rural communities, and with families may not be able to move. If "excellent" people can do other work remotely, why sack them? Another form of clearance? should everyone live on top of each other in cities?
70 alastairarthur  
71 Liz and DavidRichard-Jones  
72 GailRoss  
73 GaryBegg another terrible decision by the big wigs doon sooth
74 LorraineTait  
75 WillieMacleod  
76 shonamunro  
77 DerrickMilnes  
78 DavidBrookfield  
79 AngelaWilliamson  
80 MardiMacleod Our local highly qualified staff should be allowed to continue their 1st Class service
81 DeirdreAitken having been in a simlair situation when HM Customs & Excise closed I know how the staff feel. Work should be sent to Wick instead of being centralised and trained and qualified staff deal locally with issues in a remote area!
82 RachelJolly  
83 KirstyShearer  
84 AlisonBrownie  
85 EricLarnach HMRC Directors - Do the right thing for the future of an area that has the same right to work as any central belt, and keep the Wick office open.
86 AndrewCampbell  
87 RickyCoghill Wick is as cost effective as anywhere in the Uk and better han most this makes no sense.
89 JudithRosie  
90 ELIZABETHHALE Caithness needs to preserve jobs just like any other part of the UK. The experience and expertise of staff within the Wick office will be lost - how can that be cost effective??
91 B.JMackenzie I hope common sense prevails and that Caithness jobs are not once again sacrificed for so called cost savings. Good luck to the campaigners.
92 KeithMoncur Sad loss
93 HollyForbes it shouldn't be closed!
94 HarrietteTeeuwen I fully support the campaign to reallocate work to the threatened job losses.
95 AlbieO'Neill  
96 AlanEwart Shame on you, Excom.
97 KennethWatson  
98 IngridRehe  
99 JohnRussell  
100 CarolineKenny